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Rolf Hansen 08.10.2018

NF Academy is working hard to develop tomorrow’s goalkeepers. The talented young Nordic goalkeepers in the programs receive follow-up by professional goalkeepers.

The goalkeeper role is a separate role in the team that needs follow-up of coaches with special competences. In NF Academy goalkeeping coaches with a background from professional football are responsible for the daily training of the young goalkeeping languages in the programs.

Ever since the start of NF Academy, we have had close cooperation with João Santos. He is responsible for the goalkeeper programs, and also has his own goalkeeping school in Lisbon. He is a personal trainer for a number of younger keepers, and is also the keeper of the U17 team for Sporting Lisbon. He has been for six years, and Santos hand picks our goalkeepers from his own goalkeeping school. In addition, we have used Stefan Olimpo in our Scandinavian programs. He is also a daily goalkeeper coach in the Sporting Lisbon system, says International Academy Director Goncalo Nunes.

Nordic keepers far ahead

The methodology of further developing tomorrow’s goalkeepers is a combined education of where the goalkeepers are now, in collaboration with working with the different phases in training. What strengths a keeper has, looking up against both the defensive and offensive pieces of a game scenario.

Given that we have limited time with the goalkeepers in our program, our goal is to meet the needs of the training day where the player spends the most time. Also in relation to the level the keeper has at the moment. Therefore, we also prioritize following up the keepers in the integrated part of our trainings in the programs. It is easier to understand their real needs, and to develop their tactical reading of the game and the foundation they take on the course of the game. Our experience in NF Academy’s programs is that most Scandinavian goalkeepers have a dominant footwork, and are very strong in the offensive part of the game. Then they may not be as strong in the defensive parts of the game. Therefore, we are also working more on defending the goal and 1vs1 situations, says goalkeeper coach João Santos.

He has already had two of his goalkeepers from NF Academy programs for trial training with the highly acclaimed Sporting Lisboa Academy.

It is gratifying to see how willing and training-friendly all the keepers in the NF Academy programs have been. Two of the keepers also came back to train with Sporting Lisbon and will work more with me soon. It has created close ties between both the boys and me and their parents. It is of course nice. Both Filip Melbin (2003) and Sebastian Hansen (2006) received offers from Sporting Lisbon to train with their respective teams in their academy. It is great considering how short the NF Academy has been doing its programs, the goalkeeper manager João Santos rounds off.

Lähetetty: 04th Feb 2019

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