NF Academy on Sporting TV

NF Academy playing against Sporting Academy
NF Academy playing against Sporting Academy

NF Academy on Sporting TV

In connection with the implementation of the NF Elite Training Camp in Portugal, Sporting has made a 30-minute long report on NF Academy that you can see in the video below.

We have now started to receive entries to NF Elite Training Camp Portugal, which will be held during the week 40, 41 and 44 autumn holidays. Here players will, among other things, have the opportunity to play training matches against Sporting Academy, and carry out 2 training sessions on the facilities of one of the premier academies in the world.

See the full video report here:

Got an extraordinary training experience

Lucas Kolstad (14) who plays in Melhus football participated in NF Elite Training Camp in the autumn holiday 2018. He is one of the NF Academy players who is interviewed in the video that Sporting has made, and has been inspired by the training methods of the Portuguese.

“The coaches are very good and they push us hard. The training sessions in Portugal are much more intense than in Norway. It is good to have the opportunity to be trained by skilled coaches and play against one of the best academies in the world, ”says Lucas Kolstad.

Training match against Sporting
Workouts inside the Sporting Academy
Alfredo Steiner is one of six players who have been invited to train with the Sporting Academy

Sporting coaches see potential in Scandinavian players

Through its collaboration with Sporting Academy, NF Academy has built a relationship that provides new international opportunities for Scandinavian talent. Throughout the past year, NF Academy has arranged for 6 players to train with Sporting’s academy teams. But the collaboration also means that nearly 100 talented players through NF Elite Training Camp will conduct two training sessions with Sporting’s coaches, and play their own match against one of the club’s academy teams.

Sporting coach Fabio Roque believes that Scandinavian players have many exciting features that can make them great football players.

“They are very intelligent players who are very focused. The biggest difference is how they relate to competition in training sessions and matches. Here they have less experience than the Portuguese players. But they have a very good attitude to learning and are well above average in this area.”

This is perhaps the reason why Sporting Academy has taken in two Norwegian players to their academy. Nicolai Skoglund who is a U16 national team player in Norway is part of the U17 team for Sporting, while August Frobenius starts at the academy in the fall.

I’m interested in participating in the training camp!

Please send us a brief description of the player and which autumn holidays are best for to participate in. We follow up with advice and information and if desired we set up a phone call with one of our academy coaches.

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