Spend your autumn holidays training in Lisbon, Portugal


Spend your autumn holidays training in Lisbon, Portugal


NF Elite Training camp is the complete training program for skilled and motivated young football players in the city of  Lisbon, in partnership with one of the best academies in the world.


Those who want to become the best, find every opportunity to train when the others are resting. The autumn school holidays are a great time to take a step further in your path as a football player. NF Elite Training Camp is an elite program for motivated and young players born in 2003-2009. The program is suitable for players who are seeking development or for those that need new challenges.

This is the case of Ingvar Kolbjørnsen. The 14-year-old fell outside the circuit in Bergen, and NF Elite Training Camp in the autumn of 2017 was in many ways the turning point for the young Sotra player. The Loddefjord player became a Brann player this year. He says that NF Academy has made a difference in his path, and that this autumn, the 14-year-old is ready for his third NF Elite Training Camp.

The time I spent with NF Academy has meant everything to where I am now as a player. I was probably losing focus in the autumn of 2017 when I wasn’t fit and when the circuit action in Bergen wasn’t challenging enough. Through the programs at NF Academy, I have grown a lot as a player, and NF Elite Training Camp was the biggest contributing factor, says Ingvar Kolbjørnsen.


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Train in one of the best academies in the world
Train in one of the best academies in the world
Visit José Alvalade stadium, where Sporting CP plays in
Visit José Alvalade stadium, where Sporting CP plays in
One week of training with professional Portuguese coaches
One week of training with professional Portuguese coaches

Professional training every day

NF Elite Training Camp is a selection program. This means that in order for players to participate, they either need to send us an application or be invited. This  NF Academy program is a one week of high-quality training just outside the Portuguese capital. Players have two training sessions per day with coaches with top international academy background. In addition, you live and eat as a team, and have a lot of social leisure time together in a great hotel within walking distance of the fitness arena.

In 2018, NF Academy established a partnership with the Portuguese top club Sporting CP, where all players will have two training sessions at the club’s highly acclaimed academy – the Sporting Academy. The training sessions there are led by the Sporting Academy’s coaches.  During that day, the players get an insight into the professional life of the Portuguese top club.

A tour of the wonderful home stadium, and a visit to the club’s own museum are also part of this experience. Sporting CP is proud of its history – this is the club that has nurtured great players such as Figo and Ronaldo. In recent years Sporting Lisbon has delivered a number of players to the Premier League and other major leagues in Europe.

Most Sporting players have attended Sporting’s Academy from a young age. This academy is the one that some NF Academy’s coaches have been a part of. On a regular basis, NF Academy players are sent on a trial stay in Sporting.


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International references

NF Academy wants to not only send its the best players to train at Sporting, but also give their players international references and experiences. Through a week of high-intensity workouts, NF Academy takes its players on a journey, inspiring them to work even harder in their everyday workouts at home.

It has been a great program since the first meeting in Portugal. My motivation before and after is incomparable. It has meant a lot to my everyday life at home in Bergen. Especially the follow-up I have received from the coaches has been valuable, concludes Ingvar Kolbjørnsen.

I want to train with NF Academy

Send us a short request with the player’s background and the type of activities you want to participate in. We follow up with advice on which local and international programs can suit you.

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